Warren Ryley London Drinks Photographer

Born in Yorkshire to Lancastrian parents.

Started photographing splashes as a teenager.

Husky lover.

First record – The Specials – Gangsters.

Never went to university.

Used to be in a BMX freestyle display team.

Used to be ginger.

Self taught photographer.

Self taught skier.

Loves the bustle of working in London.

Loves the peace of living in the countryside.

Loves his family.

Can’t sing for toffee.

Can dance a bit.

Lifelong Claret fan.

Still plays football.

Still waiting to be signed up.

Loves to shoot drinks.

Quite likes to drink drinks.

Coffee lover.

Last record – Paul Weller, An Orchestrated Songbook,on vinyl.

Frustrated by Husky hair.

Still has his BMX.

Still slightly ginger.

Still shooting splashes.