From shooting  a refreshing beer to a smooth whisky, or from an exclusive cognac to a tantalizing cocktail, drinks and liquid photography is his passion and speciality and he has built up a wealth of experience in this field.

Always great fun, but also challenging and sometimes unpredictable, drinks and liquids photography brings out the best of his creative juices and technical know how. Every bottle, every glass can photograph differently and often requires his years of experience to adapt and control the light to work in a way that will bring out the very best from the product, portraying it in a style that befits the brand’s guidelines and ethos.

Normally Warren carries out the post production work himself which can be a real benefit to clients especially on complex shoots, where much planning and preparation is needed before commencing. This ensures that he has all the required elements after capture that he needs to combine in retouching and ultimately create the clients vision.