Well it’s that time of year when we all make New Year’s resolutions which normally fall to the wayside by mid Feb. This year apart from the usual exercise more, eat better, drink less rituals that we all try and subscribe to, I have decided that it is time I took my social media responsibilities a little more serious than in the past. A quick look at this page on my website will show that I haven’t been exactly prolific in posting stories or news in the past. So from the start of this year I have decided to make this “news” section more of a blog to keep you up to date with all the goings on in the studio and will hopefully post more than two articles in 2017!

I will begin by telling you that it has been a busy start to the New Year, first week in and we have had a three day shoot for 21st Century Brands, shooting four types of Bayou Rum bottles and assorted cocktails as well as some nice ripple shots for the ads. Big thanks to Catherine, Jamie and Katherine with a K for all your help and hard work to make the shoot go to plan. Images of the final shots will be posted at a later date but here are a few behind the scenes snaps to wet your appetite.

bayou-rum-bts5 bayou-rum-bts3 bayou-rum-bts1